Grades 5-8 Band Concert tomorrow night!!

Posted on: January 22, 2024

Dear Families,

I hope that you have been having a good couple of weeks and that you have been warm and cozy at home. I just want to remind you Or inform you in case you don’t didn’t know) that to we have musics events TODAY AND TOMORROW.

Grades 5-8 Band Concert TONIGHT:

Our band students will be playing  at 7:00 at the auditorium of here at Saltonstall.  Our students has been working very hard to put together a wonderful repertoire and they will be performing tonight. I hope to see you all here. 

5 Grade All City  Band Concert TOMORROW:

OUR 5 GRADE  ALL CITY BAND will be performing tomorrow night at Salem High School auditorium. See the flyer for more information.
Finally, I just want to leave you with a post of unknown source that I found this weekend in social media that responded the question of “Why my child lean an instrument at school if he/she/they will not be a musician”?

“I heard a mother say the following: – “Why is my son going to go to a school where they teach him to play an instrument and why is he going to learn to play an instrument if he is not going to be a musician”….

My answer was the following: 

Learning to play an instrument is not about handling a cell phone with the best technology or having the best skills for a console. 

To play an instrument you have to be clean, well seated, you must be attentive to what you do and what others do to build and interpret something together (You learn to do teamwork). 

Learning to play an instrument allows you to generate the development of attention and discipline.

Discipline that generates in a child a better quality of life and broadens the expectations of that child and adolescent. 

The same discipline that they will apply in their studies, in their work, in their family and that will be passed on to their generation.

Music is more than a melody, it is work, dedication, effort, constancy, perseverance, it is never giving up, it is love, it is human quality, it is being a better person, it is being supportive, it is companionship. It is not only an instrument, an art and a profession. 
It is much more….”

I am a mother of a student that has been in Salem Public School Music Program for 8 years and I couldn’t answer that question better. Come tonight, enjoy the concert, support our students and if tour child is not playing an instrument yet encourage then ti find out something that they like to take advantage of this wonderful program… but either way, come tonight!



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