Our special education staff is led by our Special Education Team Chair Christine Tramondozzi.  Our school Psychologist is Anna Martel.  

At Saltonstall, we have a number of special educators who support students receiving IEP services.  Many of our students receive these services as inclusion meaning they are supported in class or are pulled out of class for a small portion of the day.  Our inclusion special educators are Rosemary Dunning, Julie Costa, Davia Moore, and Julie Serino.

We also have a sub-separate program to support students with Language Based Learning Disabilities, or LBLD as we refer to the program.  This program is made up of three classrooms for students in grades 3-8.  The LBLD program is staffed by Gina Kelley and Gena Felton grades 3 and 4, Madison Andrews and Nick Brandi-Miller grades 5 and 6, and Rebecca Peebles and Audrey Sullivan grades 7 and 8.  The LBLD program has a dedicated reading teacher, Lisa Critch.  

Speech and Language Services are provided by Kristen Jalbert.

Our Occupational Therapy Services are provided by Judee Davis.