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Welcome to Saltonstall School!

February is here, the last of the three darkest months and lowest temperatures. This means that we will soon start having longer and sunnier days and of course, more fun! But this February also brings, among other things, celebrations of love and friendship, Black History month and for Dominicans, El mes de la Patria.

In this world, we all deserve love, so spread it all around you wherever you go! Celebrate love and friendship any way you want, you don’t need to do it in a romantic way, instead you can concentrate on celebrating all kinds of love in your life. Real love is about connection, respect, trust and appreciation, not online validation. Appreciate the people in your life and also love to value yourself. Check up on all your loved ones even if you think they are well and thriving, remember that what many post on social media is not necessarily how things really are.

This year for Black History Month, the city of Salem and Salem Public Schools will be elevating the history and contributions of Charlotte Forten, a 19th century abolitionist, writer, and educator. A graduate of Salem Normal School (now Salem State University), she was the first Black teacher in Salem. Our city will be holding multiple events throughout the month in honor of this outstanding educator. And our students will be learning and working on many projects, many of them will have the opportunity to be presented in some events in the city.

Also, for our Dominican community the month of the Homeland started last January 26th with the celebration of the Birthday of Juan Pablo Duarte one of the fathers of the Dominican Nation and extends throughout the month of February with the Independence Day on February 27th. Several organizations in our community as well as the City of Salem will be organizing various events to celebrate.This is a very important celebration for the people of the Dominican Republic, that day all the schools participate in parades and beautiful patriotic celebrations. Also all the cities celebrate the Carnival, where the most outstanding at the moment are the Carnival of Santo Domingo, the capital city, and the Carnival of La Vega, having these two international fame.

Finally, Salem Public Schools had an Early Education Information Night on January 18th . We are now working on the Early Childhood and Kindergarten enrollment process and will be offering multiple related events throughout February and March to assist you in that process. Please find more information on our Kindergarten Information Tab.

Here at Salts, we are constantly working on helping every child and family member feel welcome, connected and a part of our school family. As part of that work, we will be updating this page accordingly with important events for our school and community.  

We hope that you will find our website helpful and informative. On an effort to keep families inform, we will be updating this page with important informations and school events in a regular basis but we encourage you to download our communication app: Parent Sq. Look for the QR Code bellow and scan it with your phone to take you straight to your app store. This app not only allow you to see our post but also to send and receive direct messages our teachers.

We at Saltonstall wish you that this beautiful 2024 filled with love and happiness.

Meet our School Family!

Joy Richmond-Smith

City Connect Coordinator (Spanish Speaker)

Giselle Baez

Front Office Administrative Assistant (Spanish Speaker)

Jenni Espinal

Family Engagement Facilitator (Spanish Speaker)

Mission and Vision

We are a K to 8th school and our mission here at Saltonstall is to meet the needs of all members of the Saltonstall Community by collaborating to create equitable and meaningful learning experiences that motivate, engage, and connect to all learners.  The vision is to build educational experiences where children uncover their potential to be compassionate and engaged citizens of our school and the greater community regardless of socioeconomic status, race, native language, or other elements of privilege or challenge.   Through the collective engagement and commitment of our students, staff, and families to creating a truly inclusive experience for all students we will ensure all students achieve at the same high level. 


Saltonstall School

Saltonstall School is a special place in which to learn. Here, we have multi-age classes. We are with the same teacher for two years. We really get to know our teachers and they really get to know us. Plus, because we are in the same classroom for two years, we help one another learn.

School Type

K-8 School

Estimated Enrollment

384 Students

School Meals

Breakfast & Lunch


Mon-Fri: 8:20am to 3:20pm, Early Release dismissal at 11:45am

2023-2024 School Calendar


Bethann Jellison

Reminders and Upcoming Events

Due date for back to school forms is Oct 1. All the forms need to be completed electronically. You can find them on your Aspen account, please complete this form ASAP. Step by step instructions about how to fill out these forms can be found here: https://bit.ly/SPS2022forms

If you need support with any school form or have questions please reach out to us. We will be helping with back to school forms during Saltonstall Welcome night or by appointments. Call Jenni Espinal-Family Engagement Facilitator at 781-771-6451 or Giselle Baez-Front Office Administrator at 978-740-1297 to make one.

Safe School: Welcome to our School! Just remember that ALL visitors must be registered. If you visit our school or need to enter our building please go to the main entrance and ring the bell. Then go straight to the main office and the sign in sheet at the front desk.

Medical paperwork is due the First day of classes. Please reach out to nurse Marie Feldmannova ASAP at 978-740-1218 if your student needs any medication, still need to bring Physical or vaccine documents.

Absences, Late Arrival and/or Early Dismissal:  Please inform us as soon as possible, if your child will be absent,  will arrive  late or will be dismiss early. In many cases documentation may be needed. When Reporting an absence, late arrival or early dismissal, ALL calls and documentation must go to the school’s front office. You will have the option to leave a message if your call is not answered.

To get involved in school events and volunteer opportunities the Saltonstall School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) their email is: SaltonstallPTO@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or tweeter.

211, Lafayette Street, Salem, Massachusetts, 01970, United States

211 Lafayette St
Salem, MA 01970